Qualified Customers For You

We are becoming the leader in vertical marketing and online media by delivering qualified clicks and qualified inquiries at low cost and with greater scalability.
Our full-service approach and market-leading capabilities enable us to increase your sales while reducing customer acquisition costs by as much as two-thirds.
customized strategy Customized Strategy
We work with you to establish pricing and goals, then create a comprehensive marketing and media program of the highest integrity. Strictly adhering to your guidelines, we position your brand in targeted media properties and deliver a relevant brand message to engage people who are online looking for your products or services. Qualified customers are matched to relevant ser.com clients and delivered within desired parameters for quantity and timeframe. Media and messaging are rigorously tested to optimize quality and control lead volume.
targeted consumer Targeted Consumer Interactions
ser.com engages Internet visitors on thousands of websites every day. By harnessing proprietary vertical media reach through our network of owned and operated content websites, ser.com ensures that your message appears in front of the right visitors at the right time, when they are searching for information related to your products or services.
match customers Match Customers with Clients
ser.com matches verified prospects with client brands by supplying qualified clicks and qualified inquiries to advertisers. In order to target your customers wherever they are online, we continually expand and develop our proprietary media holdings in a wide variety of verticals. Our extensive publisher network and partnerships further extend our media reach and give us the ability to reliably deliver the volume you want, even during unpredictable shifts in the marketplace.
deliver customers Deliver Customers to Clients
ser.com delivers confirmed prospects to clients at volumes that fit within predetermined budget thresholds. Our innovative proprietary technologies automatically analyze and optimize your marketing program to ensure the quality and volume you need. Plus, our technology qualifies and scrubs leads as they are seamlessly delivered to your sales team in real time, which dramatically increases yield and conversion.
engaged marketing Engaged Marketing
Your brand is promoted online in context on high quality content-rich websites. Users interact with your brand in this authority environment and this leads to qualified clicks and enquiries for you
content publishing Content Publishing and Partnerships
Our in-house designers, editors, and data researchers work together to design and publish original, authoritative, and compelling content that empowers consumers to make sound life decisions based on high quality information and data. Staff writers, reporters and freelance contributors include highly respected journalists, industry experts, and professionals spanning personal finance, mortgage refinance, education, career, home services, medical & health and B2B. Our articles, polls, calculators, surveys, widgets, slideshows, infographics and videos are syndicated and referenced by partners and notable news media.